Look inside Golden Leaf at“Golden Leaf: A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor” is an inspirational story about the experiences of Cambodia genocide survivor who spent almost half a decade as a slave laborer under the tyrannical Khmer Rouge regime.

It is a first-hand account of the life of Kilong Ung who grew up in Battambang, Cambodia and whose life dramatically changed in 1975 when the Khmer Rouge took over. Told from the eyes of the boy that he was, this is an honest, real account that takes the reader through Kilong’s experiences as if one were actually there, without any need for embellishment of the story. This book will give you an insight that no history book could. It provides not just an insight into the Khmer Rouge and the terrible extermination of two million people but an insight into humanity, how it is possible for a people to be subjected to mass cruelty and hardship by a ruling power, and yet how an individual against the odds could endure this and do what it took to survive, even as tragedy befell his family.

Kilong saw himself as a leaf, a golden leaf, at the mercy of mercurial winds. Yet through fortune and the help of others he survived against the odds, and was able to come to America, penniless and unable to speak English. The tale follows how he adapted to the new culture and made himself a success. The story is filled with humorous incidents as he adapts to American culture as well as poignant emotional times where he grapples with the demons of the past, struggling to overcome the terrible experiences and memories, even as he gains material success in American life. Then when an opportunity for revenge presents itself he is faced with a moral dilemma that will decide his life.

Kilong has painstakingly composed a chronicle of his life over countless hours, testing the limits of his emotions. Much of this book was written in an unlikely environment; Starbucks café, whom Kilong publicly thanks for “providing power outlets, public restrooms, soft music, and Americano-inspired recoveries from writing blocks.”

golden leaf (gōldən lēf) – n., pl. golden leaves (gōldən lēvz)

  1. a survivor of a heinous act against humanity, especially genocide.
  2. Golden Leaf (pl. Golden Leaves):
    • A person who survived the Khmer Rouge genocide:  “Golden Leaf, A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor” (Kilong Ung)
  3. one who survives against extreme odds